Hadlow Butterflies

Hadlow is a fairly typical Low Weald parish in the West of Kent, stretching from the gravelly floodplains of the River Medway in the south through mixed farmland to the clay woodlands in the north of the Parish – and there are some great butterflies found in its different habitats. This site is about these butterflies and where and when they can be found in the parish. I am probably not the best person to write it, as there are other much more expert “butterfly” people in Hadlow parish, some of whom I have relied on for much information. I have also relied heavily on butterfly books, particularly the excellent and comprehensive guide by Jeremy Thomas and Richard Lewington, “Butterflies of Britain and Ireland” which I highly recommend.

I still half a dozen pages or so to do on this site – many apologies for that! I hope to be finished before the end of July!

If you spot a butterfly in Hadlow parish and would like it identified, or have anything else you would like to talk about concerning butterflies in the area, do use the “comments” page to send us a quick text message, or if you have a photo of a butterfly, do email it to davidcarey.maltings@gmail.com, and I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible!